Go Big with Monsieur Big

The Challenge

In 2017, Lancôme challenged SoHo to launch their two biggest new products for the millennial market – Monsiuer Big and Matte Shaker. We answered the challenge by Going Big with a luxury pop-up designed to encourage product interactions and create mass PR and social media appeal.


For the lead up to the Big! event we worked closely with the Lancôme communications team to ensure it delivered on the Go Big promise! And wow did we; the experience included a social and digital media plan that touched on all PR points for this vital moment and we were able to leverage a partnership with cosmetics social maven, Desi Perkins. The event was covered by an A-list of relevant media and created wild new buzz for both the pop-up and the new products!

For the Pop Up location, SoHo was able to source class A retail space on Abbott Kinney Blvd on Venice Beach. Inside the store, our target consumers found a veritable feast of experiences ranging from analog gaming kiosks where they could win complimentary makeup, to a communal Sharing Table that encouraged experimentation and play. All throughout, clients interacted with makeup artists who educated them on the products while encouraging exploration. A SoHo developed, Lancôme Smart Vanity Mirror leveraged facial recognition technology to offer clients a personalized beauty experience with products curated specifically for them. Social media was driven even further with the use of a 180 Selfie Photo Booth that encouraged clients to pose with over sized props and apply a custom motion overlay. Every guest left with an “IT” girl bag full of product samples curated by Desi Perkins!





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