Campari Group

2024 South Beach Wine & Food Festival

The Challenge

Campari Group sought to create, design, and execute distinctive activations at the 2024 South Beach Wine & Food Festival. These events needed to foster affinity among trade influencers, drive peer advocacy, solidify industry leadership, and enhance social sharing and positive sentiment surrounding their brand portfolio.


Soho Experiential partnered with Campari Group to curate a series of immersive events that showcased the diverse portfolio across key festival moments. These events included Taste of Italy, Grand Tasting, Best of the Best, Art of Tiki, and the Tribute Dinner.

Each activation was meticulously crafted to provide attendees with unforgettable brand experiences, allowing them to indulge in Campari Group’s iconic offerings. From spotlighting the Italian Icons portfolio at Jungle Plaza during Taste of Italy, to beachside Aperol Spritz sipping at Grand Tasting, and exclusive wine pairings with top chefs at Best of the Best, the experiences were as varied as they were engaging.

At Art of Tiki, guests were transported to the Caribbean with a takeover of the Kimpton Hotel, where they explored the Jamaican portfolio in a vibrant setting. Finally, the Tribute Dinner provided a platform to celebrate both the portfolio and one of Campari’s key stakeholders, ensuring a memorable conclusion to the festival.

Campari Group’s presence at the 2024 South Beach Wine & Food Festival was not just notable; it was unmissable. Each activation left a lasting impression, strengthening relationships within the industry and generating buzz both online and offline.

Key Highlights:
• Curated series of events highlighting Campari Group’s portfolio.
• Immersive experiences tailored to each festival moment.
• Enhanced industry leadership and peer advocacy.
• Amplified social sharing and positive sentiment surrounding the brand.

With Soho Experiential’s strategic partnership, Campari Group successfully elevated its presence and impact at one of the premier culinary events, leaving a lasting impression on attendees and industry stakeholders alike.



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