Miller Coors

Under A Blue Moon

The Challenge

Over the last 10 years, the beer category has been under siege from many opponents: an energized spirits industry enjoying the heyday of mixology, a resurgent wine culture, and the explosion of flavored adult seltzers.

Miller Coors challenged Soho to leverage the artfully crafted story and distinctive flavor profile of Blue Moon’s portfolio to reinvigorate the brand amongst a discerning target.


To accomplish our goals and connect with our audience, we tapped into a specific, and currently overlooked, drinking occasion for beer: dinner.

The Under A Blue Moon tasting experience featured nationally-renowned chefs in major markets who created fresh, custom dishes to compliment five expressions of Blue Moon. Our mission? To demonstrate how the brand pairs perfectly, and actually enhances the flavor of even the finest foods.

We activated in non-traditional raw spaces, inspired by the warehouse roots of Blue Moon’s Denver Brewery. The experience was divided into a series of interconnected rooms, each telling a different part of the brand story. Guests learned the ins and outs of tasting and pairing beer, and all of it happened, literally, under a Blue Moon.



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