Barilla Protein Plus

NYC Marathon

The Challenge

When Barilla presented Soho with the task of connecting with thousands of avid runners gearing up for the highly anticipated New York City Marathon in early November, the objective was clear: to extend the brand’s reach through dynamic sampling experiences both on the bustling streets and within the energetic atmosphere of the Runners World Expo.


In response to this challenge, Soho orchestrated a multifaceted approach aimed at capturing the attention and taste buds of the running community seeking protein-packed fuel for their marathon preparations. At the heart of this strategy was a strategic blend of wet and dry sampling activities strategically placed at the Runners World Expo. Here, consumers were not merely handed samples; but encouraged to delve into the culinary realm by either replicating Barilla’s suggested recipes or experimenting with their own inspired creations.

Expanding beyond the Expo, Barilla deployed street teams who navigated through New York City, complemented by a Protein+ branded sprinter van. This team distributed samples to runners on the go while concurrently delivering informative and engaging brand education. The street teams acted as ambassadors, embodying the essence of Barilla and ensuring that every encounter was not just a sampling opportunity but a chance for meaningful interaction.

The Protein+ branded sprinter van, emblazoned with Barilla’s distinctive logo, added a mobile and dynamic dimension to the campaign. Equipped with an array of samples, the van became a rolling ambassador, stopping strategically to engage with runners, share the benefits of Barilla’s protein-rich offerings, and leave a lasting imprint of the brand in the minds of the marathon participants.

This comprehensive approach not only met Barilla’s initial challenge but exceeded expectations by creating a memorable and immersive experience for the running community. The campaign successfully blended product sampling with brand education, transforming the streets and expo into interactive platforms where Barilla forged a direct connection with consumers on their journey to conquer the New York City Marathon.



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