New digital, experiential offering allows brands to increase reach and capture consumer feedback through nearly touchless product sampling


New York, NY, February 11, 2021 Following the recent launch of their Virtual Events Group, led by agency leader Lauren Weber, award-winning NY-based agency Soho Experiential announces an exciting new tool to address the unique challenges facing the experiential industry. Introducing *compd — a platform that allows brands to offer almost touchless product sampling and feedback via an easy-to-use, digital experience.

As experiential marketing experts navigate a year when the pandemic has upended the entire live events industry, Soho Experiential created *compd to fill a gap in the promotional landscape, teaming up with Genome, an award-winning experiential digital innovation agency, to bring it to life.  Built as a direct-to-consumer, scalable and efficient digital brand engagement platform, the tool is designed specifically for highly regulated industries like wine, beer and legal cannabis and allows suppliers to support key retailers, increase market reach and capture valuable consumer data through nearly touchless sampling.  And there are no apps to download; the experience happens right on consumers’ cell phones.

To use *compd, consumers simply follow the prompts on a lighted digital menu, redeeming the offer using their own smartphone. Each offer can be activated by SMS Text or via QR code scan, using any smartphone camera. After a short feedback survey and brand video, the consumer can select their product sample of choice and enter a 4-digit event pin to complete the redemption. Then, the server brings them their chosen sample and the consumer receives a thank you text with a link to join the brand’s VIP group or to another added-value offer.

For Soho Experiential, *compd represents their continued mission to introduce new, innovative ideas to a quickly evolving industry.  “We’ve always strived to elevate our partner brands and reach consumers in a memorable way. *compd is an extension of these goals, “ explains Soho Managing Director Jeff Boedges. “As consumers interact with the platform, they are given a bit of  entertaining education and provided a sample to enjoy with their friends. By design, the *compd system was always engineered as a way for sampling to occur in situations that would not traditionally allow a promotional staff to mix and mingle with guests. Now during the pandemic, it has been a lifeline for many brands who have no other way to support customers.“

*Compd has already proven its value with digital sampling programs for Old Camp Whiskey and Wolf Moon Bourbon, which are utilizing *compd for the on-premise in select markets. Shiner Beer also used *compd at Mile0Fest in early 2020 to service their VIP area and Belvedere Vodka will also soon launch *compd on-premise in select markets this Spring. 

As they continue to strengthen the platform, Soho believes that *compd will remain a relevant solution for customers who demand more digitally-integrated sampling options from their favorite brands. “As we move past the pandemic, fewer physical touch points will still be desirable for a host of reasons,” continues Boedges. “Evaluating ROI, creating post-engagement interactions and analyzing deeper consumer insights will always remain invaluable to suppliers, as they search for efficient and scalable options. There are so many possibilities for how this can push the industry forward and we’re excited to see where this takes us.”

About Soho Experiential:

We’re a little shop with a big attitude, dedicated to elevating brands from one of many to the one that matters. We offer full-service creative and unmatched production from a team with decades of experience activating for brands like Barilla, illy, Remy, Lancôme, Citi, Twitter, Google and Gallo.


Our founders also host The Green Repeal, a podcast that takes an informative and often humorous look at the cannabis industry, through the lens of two veterans of the alcohol beverage industry.

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