001: A 30,000-foot View Of The Cannabis Industry With Sean Everett

Welcome to the very first episode of The Green Repeal: the story of legal cannabis through the lens of marketers who know the unique challenges of working in highly regulated industries.

Today, our guest is Sean Everett. Sean is an operating advisor to high growth companies in the consumer product space. He has 20 years of experience building high tech products, consulting to the boards of Fortune 50 companies, and growing the North American cannabis ecosystem, where he is helping a number of brands as they find their way through this very nascent and crowded industry.

Today, Sean joins our podcast to give us a 30,000-foot view of this fast-moving, rapidly-growing industry and the astounding returns that some are seeing. Sean then walks us through what the seed-to-sale process looks like and the opportunities (and vulnerabilities) that exist at each stage. Lastly, we talk at length about regulation and the marketing challenges unique to emerging players in the cannabis industry – and how they may be overcome in the future.


  • Why Sean and so many others with a background in emerging technology see cannabis as a massive, fast-growing opportunity.
  • Who to follow and where to go to get up-to-date, accurate data about the business around marijuana.
  • How people are working to legitimize and destigmatize cannabis across the United States – and why federal regulation is keeping it much harder to work in than emerging tech or alcohol.
  • What Sean believes is holding back federal decriminalization – and why it’s still simply a matter of time.


Everyone’s talking about AR, VR, AI, Blockchain, Crypto, SpaceX, self-driving cars – but you have to ask ‘where’s the revenue?’ To put it into perspective, Amazon Web Services (the AI market leader) did $11 Million in AI revenue in 2018. California legal cannabis sales in 2018 were approximately $2.5B. So just California, just cannabis last year, beat AI (by Amazon Web Services) by a 100x order of magnitude.” – @SeanMEverett




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