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  • 424 Cups of Coffee Provided
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  • 526 Consumers
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  • 1500 Prizes

In partnership with Big Spaceship, we created the Google Play to Pay Laundromat.

We set out to stage an event that recreated the ultimate environment where casual games would thrive––a location where bored gamers could pull out their Android phones and play Angry Birds Match for a few minutes. We converged on an idea that became the ultimate event to recreate. Laundry Day.

The entire transformation from Fresh Laundry to Google Play Laundromat occurred overnight while the laundromat was closed. Once the Google Pay To Play Laundromat opened on Friday morning, the entire experience was designed to push people to kick back, relax, and play games. Our featured games included Pokémon Go, Angry Birds Match, and Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp. Central to the experience was the scorecard which provided a fun way to encourage participation and organize the flow of the entire event. When you downloaded a game and cleared a level, you were rewarded. A range of prizes were awarded–for participation and gaming prowess. Consumers could even win free loads of laundry that were washed, folded and bagged (and even home delivered.)