Agency expands capabilities to offer brands a range of engaging virtual events and experiences, including ambassador and promotional staff training programs

New York, NY, September 29, 2020 – Around the world, the pandemic has not only uprooted lives but created new challenges across a range of industries, many of which rely on events, concerts, conferences, pop-ups and other types of experiences to drive their yearly marketing plans. In recognition of the need for marketing solutions to meet this new reality, award-winning NY-based agency Soho Experiential has adapted its suite of offerings to create the Virtual Events Group — a department focusing on bringing their expertise in concepting and executing in-person experiences to creating innovative campaigns designed for remote audiences. 

For the agency, the new department is a natural extension of their existing approach, repositioned to fit these unique circumstances. “Though everyone is self-quarantining, brands still need a way to connect to their audiences, so opportunities have been emerging organically,” explains Soho Managing Director Jeff Boedges. “We were lucky that our team for staffing and executing events has been working with telecommuting platforms regularly because they are spread out around the country. So, we were already very comfortable, not only when it comes to operating remotely but in staffing and operating an event from different cities across the US.”

To lead this new department, Soho Experiential has tapped agency leader Lauren Weber, elevating her to Director of Virtual Events and Training. Previously the agency’s Director of Training and Quality Control, Weber spent her career setting the bar for commitment, leadership and innovation for clients like Lancôme, Shiner beer, Google and Twitter.  She also ensured that all field staff — including promotional models, brand ambassadors and other front line employees — were the best trained in the industry. As part of this effort, she spearheaded the agency’s adoption of digital training, testing and QC, which will be refined and applied within the Virtual Events Group. Along with Weber, the group will consist of personnel that currently make up the agency’s Field Marketing team.

A member of the Soho family since 2014, Weber personally built the agency’s Training & Quality Control department, and was an integral part of launching Soho’s Ambassador Division, touching almost every piece of business across Soho’s diverse client network. “Whether it’s in person or virtual, it’s the staff running an event or interacting with the participants that can really take an experience to that next level,” she says. “I’m always looking for ways to refine an experience, whether it’s greater attention to detail, a more tailored management style, or more engaging brand presentation. I see this as an exciting opportunity to completely redefine what people expect when they think of virtual events.”

Already off to a great start, the team has launched several events designed for pandemic-conscious audiences, including helping virtual funeral company GatheringUs scale up to help meet demand while building out their virtual event systems, hosting virtual tastings for Rioja Wines and, most recently, a five-night socially distanced Citi Drive-In Cinema Experience at Citi Field to benefit charity organizations No Kid Hungry and World Central Kitchen. 

“When it came time for us to grow our virtual event business, it was a no brainer to give her control of our newest department,” affirms Boedges. “Soho’s investment in the department reflects our ongoing commitment to evolving and proactively providing the services our current and future clients need. With Lauren at the helm, we are stoked to see how far it can go.” 

About Soho Experiential:

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