Our co-founder Taylor Green on sailing:

At Rise, we are committed to provide opportunities for people to develop new skills and passions. Rediscovering oneself and finding what brings them real joy is a vital part in creating lasting recovery. I am proud to say, that here at Rise, we offer sailing as part of our recreational activities. We are fortunate enough to present “Pacific”, our 43′ Jeanneau sailboat. We have a slip at the California Yacht Club in Marina Del Rey, which is just a few miles from our location in West L.A. My own experience with sailing has been transformative.

I was not in love with it from the beginning, but it quickly grew on me. As I spent more time on the boat, I began to understand the beauty of moving through the water powered only by wind. The work on the boat is highly enjoyable for me; trimming a sail properly, working with others to maneuver and set our course, simply being on the open ocean. You can experience immediate results and gratification. Sailing needs to be done as a team and couples perfectly with the principles Rise helps to instill in each of its residents. We know that sailing is not for everyone, but enjoying a beautiful day outside away from the hustle and bustle of L.A. can be peaceful and serene. Often, we will see wildlife such as sea lions, dolphins, and whales depending on the season. During the summer we will take overnights to Catalina to go snorkeling and hiking on the island. Every Rise client will have the opportunity to sail and I am excited to share the experience and joy that sailing has brought to my own life.

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