Gathering ‘Round the Campfire

Standing out in a convention setting is a challenge we relish, and for our activation with TINCUP Whiskey, we pulled out all the stops. We set out to recreate, in our client’s words, a “campfire moment” in the heart of the Outdoor Retailer Summer Market.

To create that moment within the confines of a sterile convention floor, we needed to build an intimate setting. Since long days on the trail are best completed with a bottle of TINCUP passed around the fire amongst friends, we built a campsite complete with live pine trees, theatrical campfire and all.

We would be remiss not to lead with the ultimate conversation piece at the booth, a 1953 Tucker Sno-Cat, procured in coordination with Backbone Media. Due to its size, the vehicle was actually the very first item to hit the showroom floor, and it set the tone for an activation that was designed to “transport” guests to the great outdoors.

We also developed multiple elements to extend the booth’s reach beyond the confines of the convention. Guests who shared photos with the hashtag #mountainwhiskey were rewarded with a limited edition TINCUP hat. All told, over 8,000 pieces of branded merchandise, including those hats, branded shirts, sunglasses, and bottles, were distributed by three dedicated brand ambassadors.

As thousands passed through our activation each day, the open layout of our 24×50 booth allowed guests room to breathe in the experience (and appreciate their share of the 6,600 TINCUP samples handed out over the course of the four-day convention.) From the discerning audience that joined us during the convention, the word “authentic” was most frequently mentioned to describe the booth as a whole.  

The booth was so well received, it won the Best of Booths Award (out of 1400 brands), a belle of the ball so to speak on the final day of the convention. Be sure to look for us at the Snow + Show at the Denver Convention Center in January!


Video Produced by: The Media Grind