SoHo Team

SoHo’s Six Words of Wisdom

Words of wisdom. Call them aphorisms, old saws or maxims, the SoHo team embraces these little gems and employs them in all sorts of situations––from the most dire to the most comic. Invariably, they are expressed in the imperative. These words are all definitive and impart authority. Without further ado, here’s our carefully curated collection:

  1. “You can’t polish a turd.”
  1. “You have two eyes, two ears and one mouth. Use them in proportion.”
  1. “Plan it out. Have a plan C, D, and E!”
  1. “Music is essential to any experience.”
  1. “What you choose also chooses you.”
  1. “Know yourself.”

So, there you have six of our best shots.  Just remember, words of wisdom are not universally appreciated. There’s an alternative audience who calls them cliches or trite. They reflect one of Socrates own statements,  “The only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing.” And, for all his words of wisdom, what became of Socrates? Remember the word hemlock?