Introducing Our 2017 Summer Interns

We welcomed six new interns to the team this past week! They bring a diverse set experiences and interests to the table, so start getting to know this group of go-getters!

A’yonna – Born and raised in Harlem, A’yonna is a New York local who hopes to pave her way to a career NYC’s bustling marketing industry. She’s a graduate of Lehman College with a background in Business and Marketing. Her creative outlets are her de-stressors. In her down time you can find her freewriting poetry, short stories and formal essays. Ask her about theater because she’s also an actress and director. This summer she’ll be under the supervision of Shauna, Haleh and Jeanne.

Julia – Julia is currently a senior at the University of Pittsburgh and majoring in Communications with a minor in Studio Arts. For the past 4 months she’s been studying abroad in London while traveling around the rest of Europe. She’s glad to be back in her home state of New Jersey and even more excited to be interning here on the Production team. Outside of work you can find her painting and skiing, so if you’re into that (including travel) she’s the right person to chat it up with.

Katie – Katie graduated from Brown University with a major in Computer Science. She’ll be helping Anthony with all tech and creative endeavors. Originally from the DC area, and after spending the last few years in Rhode Island, she’s ready to take on the mean streets of NYC. She seems pretty adamant about getting to know the city well so if you have any suggestions on upcoming events or areas of the city to check out, we’re sure she’ll greatly appreciate it.

Jared – This soon to be junior at the University of Maryland is super eager to soak up as much marketing information as he can here. How eager you ask? So eager that he wanted to assist those at the top of food chain at SoHo. Catch him tailing around Rick and Jeff, as he’ll be under their guidance. Aside from his interest in marketing, he’s a NBA fanatic, an Apple fanboy and very into collecting sneakers. Best of all, he’s from the great state of New Jersey.

Sloan – This ball of energy is here to aid Asa with everything Citi. Coming from both sides of Pennsylvania, Philly being her home city and attending Carnegie Mellon (same as Aubrey) in Pittsburgh, she’s here in NYC to get to know SoHo. I know she’s really into glitter and corgis, which seems like an appropriate combination, and she’s had experience planning events during her college years. Neat stuff. Warning: She doesn’t like berries…at all.

Caroline – Caroline is soon to be a junior at SUNY Cortland (same school as Lauren) with a concentration in PR and Advertisement. She’s currently running the marketing team for her sorority at school, so she’s ready to learn the in’s and out of the industry from team Shaq. Like Ayonna, she is native to NYC, but in recent years has moved to Long Island where she’s a hostess at a very popular Italian restaurant.