Our New Digs

SoHo Experiential is moving up in the world (four city blocks, to be exact).

March 30th marked our final day at the old space, and we have officially taken up residence in our new office at 16 Vestry.

We’re so freakin’ excited about the move, that we’re marking the occasion by sharing a few “fun” (we think so, at least) facts about the building:

  • It was built in 1882.
  • The architect was Charles Haight, who designed a number of other buildings in the neighborhood as well.
  • Before the building was constructed, the site was previously a stone yard.
  • The building’s historical occupants include book bindery and gold stamping, mechanical engraving, and radio manufacturing firms.
  • Current occupants include creative, PR, architecture, and design firms.

See you later, North Moore. Hello, Vestry!